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Web3 was never about crypto, it was always about community

When evaluating an NFT project, there are a couple of things to look at. First, you ask yourself if you like the artwork. Second, you would look at the benefits of holding the NFT, or in Web3 lingo - the “utility” of the NFT. This could come in the form of a DAO, Game, etc. Finally, you would ask yourself the most critical question. Would you want to be a member of the project’s community?

Web3 Community Management | Timber
Web3 Community | Timber Community Management

Artists and developers answer the first and second questions, while the last question is decided by the project’s community managers and moderators.

Whether it's an NFT, GameFi, or Metaverse project the same principles apply. Community is firmly at the core of Web3 projects.

A community manager can be the bridge between the project and its audience. They are there to make sure that the community is healthy. An important distinction in Web3 compared to Web2 is that your community is your investors and the community manager acts just like the project's Investor Relations department. Often community management is looked over, but when viewed as a Web3 projects Investor Relations function it becomes extremely important.

A solid team of moderators & community managers can make any Web3 project miles better & more than stand out from its competitors.

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